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Athletes Stories

We design recovery solutions that fit in with busy athlete lifestyles. Find out first hand how the Riixo Recovery cuffs have benefited recovery and improved performance.

What the Athletes are saying


Lizzie Bird - Steeple Chaser

Lizzie is a nomad. A Steeplechaser. A law student. An Olympic finalist. The current British Champion and national record holder. She is also the new European bronze and Commonwealth silver medallist!
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Long Distance Athlete - Adam Craig

Adam is a professional athlete. He is a proud Scot who, when not training and targeting the marathon standard to represent Great Britain, can likely be found on a golf course. He trains 7 days a week and prioritises recovery.
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Olympic Athlete to Triathlete

Peter is a former Olympian. He now competes in endurance running events, and triathlons, to keep fit, healthy and active.
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The Ballerina Triathlete

Jemima aims to swap one stage for another. She is a former world-class ballerina who is on a path to become a professional triathlete.
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The Business of Ironman

Guy is a gold AWA athlete, putting him in the top 1% of age group athletes. He balances a demanding job with a heavy training commitment.
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