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The Ballerina Triathlete

Jemima aims to swap one stage for another. She is a former world-class ballerina who is on a path to become a professional triathlete.

When she's not training you'll find Jem in a corner of the globe, laptop open, helping athletes and performers to establish their brand.

If you understand the physical and mental demands of becoming a classically trained ballerina, Jemima's leap to triathlon isn't as surprising as it first seems

Being at the very top is about fine margins. It is about all the small details that make a difference. It’s about a commitment to improvement and a journey to perfection.

When illness prevented Jemima from following a passion that had defined her, she sought out another. She became a Triathlete.

From no bike and afraid of the water to the cusp of being a professional in the sport that has become her new focus.

Jem travels the world for adventure – inside and outside of the sport.

Her competitive instincts also help fuel entrepreneurial pursuits, that would be overwhelming for most busy athletes.

Don't ever stop.

I have tried everything to help my recovery. The calf cuffs are the ONLY thing that works for me. Since I started using them I am able to hit paces and powers the day after sprint interval session I have never hit before.


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Riixo Iceball


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