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Long Distance Athlete - Adam Craig

Adam is building towards his first marathon and targeting the GB representative standard for the distance. Having won vests for the half marathon - running 63.12 over 13.1 miles - he is motivated for more.

Adam takes recovery seriously with good sleep, rest, hydration and nutrition routines that are mapped out for the weeks ahead.

After a session he'll stretch, foam roll, and utilise compression and icing via his Riixo Recovery Cuffs or ice baths. Once a week he'll get a sports massage and even when uninjured and free of niggles he'll see a physio for preventative treatments. Adam trains 7 days a week. Three or four of those days are double run sessions and twice a week there is S&C work to be done. The travel time to and from training is where the recovery cuffs come into their own.

Don't ever stop.

I saw the Riixo Cuffs being used by other athletes and my interest was sparked. I've often used ice as part of my recovery but the cuffs make that way more convenient. I've since recommended them to others - especially those team mates who also travel to training sessions.


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