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Lizzie Bird - Steeple Chaser

Meet Lizzie. She is a nomad. A Steeplechaser. A law student. An Olympic finalist.

Lizzie is the current British Champion and national record holder. She is also the new European bronze and Commonwealth silver medallist!

Her home in the UK is St Albans but in truth Lizzie is a bit of a nomad. This is the reality for many professional athletes but it goes back further for Lizzie.

Lizzie was born in the Philippines and bounced between there, Pakistan, Dubai and the UK before moving to St Albans when she was 10.

She studied at Princeton (twice becoming Ivy League Champion) and her base is currently Boulder, Colorado, where she combines training (in amazing settings), with her law school studies - given her travels it is no surprise that she plans to make Immigration law her specialism. After the successes of 2022, the focus becomes building towards Paris 2024 and competing in her second Olympics.

After track-life, Lizzie is determined to go longer – and higher! She has a big ultra-trail events such as UTMB in her sights. Lizzie describes her approach to recovery as ‘focusing on the basics and doing them really well’.

She prioritises sleep, eats well and has established protocols for recovering after different intensities of training and racing.

Lizzie first met our Recovery Cuffs head of Tokyo; in the holding camp with @TeamGB. They’ve since become a key part of her recovery tool kit.

Don't ever stop.

“I first used the Riixo sleeves at the Tokyo Olympics. Our team physiologist recommended them as part of our post-race recovery strategies.

“Recovery is key at major championships. Time [between races] is short and you have to put back-to-back performances together to be in contention. At champs I tend to use my Riixos on the go – recovering as I go from the track to our team recovery area and put them on again leaving the venue to go back to the athlete accommodation.

“Outside of racing, I tend to train 6-7 days per week with double run sessions on 2 or 3 days. I am pretty consistent with my rest and food and after tougher sessions I use ice and compression. The Recovery Cuffs are great. They’re super convenient and my legs feel fresher for racing. They’re now a key part of my kit.”


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