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About Riixo

We dedicate ourselves to design and manufacture products that aid sports and injury recovery

Cameron - Founding CEO

I founded Riixo in 2017 but the path that led me to creating this company started in 2007.

I used to play professional rugby for Newcastle Falcons. I had been capped for Scotland and Great Britain 7’s. I was starting to build the career in professional sport that I'd dreamed of throughout school-grade rugby.

On the 27th October 2007 my life changed. I broke my back in two places after getting spear-tackled during a game. At just 21, it was the end of my career as a professional athlete.

The next ten years included my own rehabilitation, securing two degrees — in Sports Science and Physiotherapy — working as a physio in UK health services, and joining the British Army. 

Since that October day, recovering from the trauma of my own injury has powered my dedication to helping people recover from their own injury battles.

But something was missing.

During peacekeeping operations with the United Nations in South Sudan, I became frustrated at the standard of equipment available for recovery. I felt we could do better than having a choice between plastic bags of ice and having to spend £1000’s on bulky electrical equipment with no portability.

I know that busy athletes lead busy lives. They need recovery kit that meets the demands of that schedule, that is quickly easy to use - but more importantly - that works. That’s where the idea of a 3-in-1 calf cuff came from.

Join us on this recovery revolution, together we can make a difference.

Our Purpose

We aim to make people better

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Whether that is better athletic performance or faster injury
recovery, after all, better recovery is the pathway to greater
physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our Principles

A set of beliefs drive each of our actions.

Sports are for everyone

If anyone can be an athlete, then anyone should have access 
to recovery solutions. We strive to make our cutting-edge equipment affordable and cost-effective for all people.

Body comes first

You can’t do your best if your body isn’t in good condition. That’s why we put it at the centre of our research and design, which considers the diversity of both human anatomy and athletic practice.

Winners never stop improving

What makes a great athlete is the desire to keep striving for higher performance every day. Likewise, we continuously seek new technologies to improve the quality of our products.

Reliable ideas are based on facts

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We take our obligations to design and build sustainable products seriously.

Every design decision is made with care and consideration for its environmental and social impact. It is an output that we optimise for as we develop new products.

New technologies and innovations will allow us to go further. We commit to always be mindful of the decisions we make and to revisit decisions of the past to see if we can improve.

We commit to play our part in driving product innovation to reduce our environmental impact and create pathways for re-use of materials and regenerative processes. We commit to articulate our challenges so that we remain open to discovering better ways of working. To reinforce and to nourish sustainability within the heart and the mind of our culture.

The mission doesn’t stop. There are always ways to improve. We want to be the best.

Social Responsibility

Participation in sports can reward you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Sports are also a place where we come together. Where communities, both harmonious and fractured, can meet as teammates and as competitors.

We aspire to always play an active, conscious and positive role within the family of sports we work within.

We will always challenge ourselves and others to remove bias, of any kind, from our minds so that all the decision we take are equitable, fair and in the interests of all our stakeholders.

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