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The Business of Ironman

Guy balances a demanding job in Commercial property with the commitment necessary to be an Ironman.

He lives in London, works long hours and optimises his training around a busy home and work life.

Guy balances the demands of work & home life with the training that got him to the 70.3 World Championships in 2019

A successful career and a job he loves. A busy home-life. A training schedule that has delivered measurable progress year on year.

Guy loves all sports, but it is the toughness of this sport that attracts him. If it were easy, he wouldn’t show up.

Guy is a gold AWA athlete, putting him in the top 1% of age group athletes. He competed in the 70.3 World Championships in 2019. Guy is well aware that his upward trajectory may plateau and so he takes the steps required to keep pushing.

Don't ever stop.

I have a pair of cuffs at work as well as at home. Its a very convenient product that fits in with my busy life and they make it very easy for me to get my recovery.

By just going to the freezer, getting the cuffs out and slipping them on.


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Riixo Iceball


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