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Our Environmental Pledge to Help Save our Planet

"A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself" - Frankiln D. Roosevelt
As a species, we as humans, are resilient and so is our planet but only if we collectively work to minimise the damaged caused by pollution and the harvesting of natural resources. It is the personal mission of Cameron, CEO, to minimise the impact that Riixo has in all areas of the business.

Current Measures

All the packaging used by Riixo shipping the products to you and for our own shipping is 100% recyclable. The boxes are made from cardboard and the postal boxes are biodegradable.
The production team are based in Germany who, as a nation, have high government imposed standards to recycling and waste. In 2019 a law was passed pledging to recycle 90% of cardboard packaging and 63% of plastics. Companies that do not comply face fines of 200,000 Euros.
Currently we have small components that are manufactured in Shanghai. In order to reduce the carbon footprint created during transport of goods, we are sourcing and moving all production into Germany where possible.

Future Pledge

In early 2020 we had a team research into material variations that can replace the silver ionised yarn that we currently used. There are a number of solutions being explored using bamboo fibre as it contains the same antimicrobial properties.
Trade in Recycling
Through a strategic partnership with a Scottish company the focuses on the circular economy of products we have started discussions on how we can recycle the materials used in old cuffs. It would allow you to trade in your old cuffs towards a new pair and we can breakdown and recycle the materials used.

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