RIIXO Recovery

Riixo Recovery have created
the world’s first recovery calf cuff

Aid and enable your body to recover faster - from the minute you stop training. The Riixo recovery cuff uses compression plus the option of ice or heat. Both have proven recovery benefits - improved blood flow, reduced muscle soreness and less swelling. After training, slip on and let your Riixo recovery cuff do its work whilst you get on with your day. The ingenious Thermacase means your cuff is still at the right temperature 5 hours later. Ideal for most training and event situations.


Aids recovery of sore
muscles, reduces pain and


Accelerates sports recovery
time and helps reduce


Warms up muscles before exercise, relaxes muscle spasm and cramps.

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Athlete Endorsement

We come from a passion
stopped short by injury but
used to create a new path

Now, Riixo recovery is on a mission to support sports professionals, amateurs
and enthusiasts. We assist their recovery from the minute they stop,
until the moment they start again.

Don’t ever stop.


See the scientific evidence
that supports the
Riixo recovery solutions.

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