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Best piece of sports kit I have ever owned
Darren H
Endurance Athlete
No more messing around with ice baths
Glen M
Just makes icing so easy. I love it.
James F
Cycling & Hockey
Game Changer - Best piece of sports kit I have ever owned
Andrew G
Just awesome. Yes, they’re an investment, but with a training schedule like mine the cuffs will pay for themselves quickly
Jon R
Ten out of Ten. I love that I can pull them on and get on with what I need to do
Amy B
The cuffs are a great new addition to my training routine to help me recover, while sitting at my desk at work.
Jenny C
Triathlete & Endurance Cyclist

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Aids recovery of sore
muscles, reduces pain and
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Accelerates sports recovery
time and helps reduce
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Warms up muscles before exercise, relaxes muscle spasm and cramps.

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The innovative Riixo cuffs work to compress your calves while further reducing inflammation and

We like the multi-tasking element, just whack on the cuffs and get on with your day, handy for the time-crunched triathlete
220 Triathlon
Immediate cryotherapy for the muscles of your lower leg. You can rest up and chill with Netflix while you wear them for 20 minutes - and that's all there is to it

Put them in the freezer to treat swelling and target pain, or heat them up in the microwave to ease tightness
Women's Running
These clever calf cuffs aim to reduce the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), help treat shin soreness, ease tight calves, reduce Achilles pain and aid faster recovery.

With the use of both compression and ice/heat treatment they are a versatile and easy to use solution
Athletics Weekly
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