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Why it Works

The Recovery Cuffs have been designed and built for busy athletes who
demand high performance from every piece of kit in their bag

What are the benefits?

Faster Recovery

Start your recovery immediately after you finish training or competing

Highly Versatile

Control your own recovery with combined ice, heat and compression

Convenient to Use

No electricity, no cables. Take them with you anywhere

Discreet & Comfortable

Wear them trackside, at home, on the coach or under your clothes in the office


Materials selected to withstand the rigor of  busy active lifestyle

Multiple Use

Use them again, and again and again. Riixo build products that last

Design Elements

Silver Ionised Microfibre

Making the cuffs hard wearing, comfortable, antimicrobial and 

360° Gradient Compression

Seamless design ensuring calculated compression to promote fluid return and improve recovery time

Fully Integrated Gel

Specifically located to accurately target the key muscles

Custom Thermacase

Keeps the cuffs frozen for up to 6 hours and hot for up to 4hrs increasing their use and portability

Athlete Centric Design

Tested and designed with athlete input to ensure all needs and requirements are met

Scientifically Backed

Products have gone through multiple iterations to ensure we are in line with the most current scientific research into sports recovery

Application Sleeve

Designed for ease of use and easy fitting of the cuff

The World's First Recovery Cuff Combining

Athlete Testimony

They are lightweight, discreet, and easy to use. More importantly, they are incredibly effective
Darren H
Extreme Endurance Athlete
I take them to work with me in the Thermacase and they are still frozen and ready to use after training
Glen M
The cuffs are excellent quality, hard-wearing and comfy. They offer a great amount of compression with the added benefit of ice. As someone who has suffered with shin splints in the past, this feels reeeeeally lovely!
Nicola B
Ultra Runner


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Riixo Iceball


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When to Use Recovery Cuffs


Sports Recovery

Using the Riixo Recovery cuff to ice after exercise alleviates muscle soreness, reduces tissue inflammation and minimises secondary tissue damage.

Timing is everything. The sooner you apply ice the quicker your body will recover. The recovery cuffs are designed to be portable and easy to use.

The Riixo recovery cuff will help reduce DOMS and improve your power output by decreasing the level of muscle fatigue and improving muscle function.
benefits of ice

Injury Recovery

The Riixo calf cuff has been specifically designed to help manage the following conditions by reducing pain and swelling in the area:

  • Calf pain
  • Torn muscles
  • Achilles pain
  • Shin splints

The rear gel pack is positioned to cover the calf muscles and the top of the Achilles tendon to help reduce Achilles tendon pain after exercise.

The two packs at the front perfectly align with the muscle and the shin bone helping to reduce shin pain after running

Benefits of ice

When to Use Recovery Cuffs


Sports Recovery

Before - Use the Riixo recovery cuff before sport to help prepare the body for exercise. Heat will increase tissue elasticity, improve blood circulation and increase oxygen to the muscles offering more mobility and flexibility

After - Use heat after exercise if you are building muscle mass. Heat will increase blood flow into the area which will also increase oxygen and nutrients. Heat stimulates fibroblasts, small cells in the body that help with tissue growth

The recovery cuffs can also be used immediately after ice for contrast therapy. This sudden change in temperature can help reduce DOMS after running and intense exercise

benefits of Heat

Injury Recovery

Using heat on an injured muscle will reduce muscle wastage by up to 37%.

Heat will stimulate blood flow to the area, reducing muscle spasm and promoting tissue healing but should only be used for injures older than three weeks. This will help with the remodelling phase of the injury where the muscle fibres have healed and are realigning.

Applying heat to arthritic joints will help to reduce pain and increase functional mobility.

Benefits of heat
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