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Olympic Athlete to Triathlete

Peter is a former Olympian. He now competes in endurance running events, and triathlons, to stay fit, healthy and active.

He retains the mentality of an elite athlete. Watch how he integrates the Recovery Cuff into his post activity protocols.

Peter retired at the very top, having achieved a life long goal - becoming an Olympian

Now in his 50s, Peter’s competitive instincts and a desire to stay fit, healthy and active burn as intensely as they ever did.

He is a runner. It is his passion. And, as he says “It keeps me sane!”.

With age, Pete’s lightning speed declined and so he built his endurance and now competes in marathon and triathlon events.

He carefully manages his body and his recovery protocols to make sure he can remain active and injury free.

Don't ever stop.

As a former Commonwealth games and Olympic athlete now in my 50's my goal is to just keep going as long as I can, these definitely help. From running twice a week, I'm now running three four or five times a week. Knowing my body can manage that.


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