RIIXO Recovery

of Heat

The benefits of heat from the Riixo Recovery Cuff can help prepare your body for athletic performance, prevent injury, assist in faster recovery or help manage pain from long-standing injuries

Benefits of heat - Reduce doms after running
Benefits of heat to prevent tight muscles

The benefits of heat can be helpful for athletes before and after exercise

Warming a muscle or joint provides greater
blood flow, which brings oxygen and nutrients to aid:


Improve joint mobility in your warm-up for better performance during exercise. Heat increases tissue elasticity, offering more mobility and flexibility.

After sports

Heat speeds up soft tissue repair, provides muscle
recovery and helps reduce DOMS.

Injury recovery

Speed up the recovery by stimulating blood flow.
If you have an injury such as a calf strain or a
medical condition like arthritis, heat can help
reduce pain and improve movement.
Don’t ever stop.


How it works