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Benefits of Heat

Studies show heat helps to build muscle mass, prevent muscle wastage, improve fatigue resistance and alleviate joint pain

Recovery Benefits explained

Build Muscle Mass
Improve Fatigue Resistance
Prevent Muscle Wastage
Reduce Joint Pain

Hot bath, hot water bottle, sauna, shower, or wheat pack

May depend upon your:


Level of exertion and the muscles & joints under stress


Time available for recovery and any need to multi-task


At home, in work or just on the slopes or a demanding trail


Be it faster recovery or managing an injury or niggle

The research that helped shape the development of our Recovery Cuffs.

By combining insights from the best sports science laboratories with applied feedback from athletes and performance professionals in competitive settings, we deliver accessible recovery products that have an impact.

Four considerations when using, heat for recovery

Frequency & Timing

How often and when should heat be applied for recovery?

So long as you are not injured, applying moderate heat regularly after a training session will increase your fatigue resistance and help reduce muscle soreness.

The heat application can be in the immediate aftermath and over subsequent days.

Improving fatigue resistance and alleviating soreness should enable performance gains allowing you to work harder for longer before a drop in performance.
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Can heat application help during injury rehabilitation?

When injury has limited mobility, a daily heat treatment can reduce muscle wastage significantly – by as much as 37%

Additionally heat treatment has been shown to help maintain metabolic function in the same injury circumstance.

Using heat every day for 30minutes will reduce muscle wastage by up to 37% when compared to just resting.

Using heat immediately after icing has been shown to significantly reduce muscle soreness and perceived levels of fatigue following high intensity exercise. (Dupuy et al 2018)



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Injury Recovery
Contrast Therapy

How do ice and heat improve recovery?

There are recovery benefits to both thermal conditions, but the key motivation for switching between states is the physiological change as you transition.

After tough exercise, Contrast Therapy has been shown to promote blood flow, reduce muscle soreness, limit the loss of muscle strength and power and muscle damage.

Contrast therapy is the application of heat immediately following ice and has been found to significantly reduce muscle soreness after high intensity exercise with lasting effect up to 48hrs

Athletes using contrast therapy were able to return to baseline levels of muscle strength and power output 24hrs faster than resting

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Can passive warm-up boost sporting performance?

Actively or passively elevating muscle temperature can markedly impact the subsequent exercise performance.

One of the benefits of a partial passive warming protocol is the retained energy - which can be invested in the performance.

Passive warming can also be beneficial during transition phases: be that immediately pre-race, or during a half-time break

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Passive Warm-Up

Discover the Riixo Recovery Cuff

Increase muscle fatigue resistance
Improve blood flow
Stimulate muscle growth
Relax muscle spasms
Reduce pain


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Before Exercise
Prepare your muscles and joints ahead of exertion by stimulating blood flow, increasing the oxygen and nutrient supply
After Sports
Increase your muscle fatigue resistance with repeated use as well as speeding up tissue repair. Maximise your recovery by using after ice to reduce muscle soreness
Injury Recovery
Use to prevent muscle wastage by up to 37%
when you have an injury.
Relax muscles and joints to help reduce pain and
ease arthritic joints.

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