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Riixo Knee Cuff

The 3-in-1 recovery solution. Cryotherapy, Heat Therapy, Compression Therapy. For those who: Don't ever stop.  


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Ice, Heat and Compression

The Riixo Recovery Knee cuff is medically engineered to help:

  • Ease pain from arthritis
  • Reduce swelling
  • Aid recovery after knee surgery
  • Manage runner's knee pain
  • Reduce pain from meniscus cartilage tears

The Riixo recovery knee cuff has an integrated gel that covers the front, sides and back of the knee. Freeze it to reduce swelling and pain or heat the cuff up to improve movement and ease pain from arthritis.

The external brace fixes round to provide an additional level of support and comfort.

No requirement to be plugged into an electricity source, the Riixo knee cuff is designed to fit in with your active life. Recover while you get on with your day.



Features & Uses


The Riixo Knee cuff helps improve a stiff joint when it is worn warm helping to increase blood flow to the area, improving mobility. Use the cuff frozen to help reduce pain and swelling of an arthritic joint.


Meniscus Cartlidge Injuries;

Wearing the knee cuff for 20 minutes when it is frozen can help reduce pain and swelling if you have a torn meniscus cartilage.



The Riixo Knee cuff is perfect for anyone who is carrying an injury and awaiting surgery. Prehab can cause irritation to the knee joint and the knee cuff can help to reduce the symptoms associated with the injury.



The Riixo knee cuff can be worn after knee surgery to help manage joint swelling, reduce pain, and provide support to the joint




How to measure for the Riixo knee cuff.

How to measure the Riixo knee cuff using a tape measure.

For the upper measurement of the knee cuff, measure 10cm up from the top of the knee cap then measure around the leg.

For the lower measurement, measure 10cm down from the knee crease and then around the leg.





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Whats in the box:

  • Riixo Knee Cuff
  • Riixo Rear Gel Pad
  • Riixo Thermacase
  • Riixo Cuff Wash Bag



Size Guide

Size Top measurement (cm) Bottom measurement (cm) Length (cm)
R1 42 - 46 30 - 33 32
R2 45 - 49 33.5 - 36 32
R3 48 - 52 36.5 - 39 32
R4 51 - 55 39.5 - 42 32
R5 54 - 58 42.5 - 45 32
R6 57 - 61 45.5 - 48 32




  1. andy carr

    I have only been using this for a few weeks so these are initial thoughts. I am using it during recovery from Patella Tendinopathy. I use it before a run to warm the knee, put it in the freezer and then afterwards as an ice pack. I have found the Knee Cuff to be easy to use, easy to get on and off, the compression level is good without being too tight, it produces a much more targeted area of heat/cold around the knee, it is so much better than a bag of peas or similar in a tea towel. You can put it in the freezer overnight, put it into a cooler bag with some freezer blocks and take with you if you are taking part in a run away from home and will need ice afterwards on a problem knee. If you have any type of knee pain or problem, I would not hesitate to get one. It is fairly bulky but this is acceptable considering the job it does. This is a recovery aid it is not for wearing whilst exercising. It is definitely worth the price for the benefits you will get.

    • Cameron

      Thank you for sharing your review, Andy. We're delighted you are feeling the benefits. Thank you for trusting Riixo with your Recovery.

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