RIIXO Recovery

Riixo Ice Ball


Recover anywhere with the Riixo ice ball

  • Massage sore muscles
  • Reduce pain from shin splints
  • Ease tight muscles
  • Reduce DOMS and muscle soreness

The innovative Riixo Ice Ball combines the benefits of cryotherapy and traditional massage balls for a great new form of recovery.

The steel ball has a liquid core that remains cold and can be frozen for better results

Simply place the Cold Massage Roller Ball in the freezer for two-three hours, and you’re good for up to six hours.

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Black, Blue and Silver



Ball – Stainless steel with a gel core keeping the ball cool at all times and allowing it to be frozen for better results.


Housing – PVA coated with Silicone for grip for a comfortable and stable grip even in sweaty hands.

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