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Benefits of Compression

Research shows increased muscle strength, muscle function, reduced soreness & DOMS when using compression for recovery

Recovery Benefits explained

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Greater Strength Recovery
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Better Functional Mobility
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Reduced Muscle Soreness
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Faster Tissue Repair

The three key demands of a compression garment to secure the benefits

Level of Compression

What is the right amount of compression for recovery?

Too low and your compression garment is just an expensive pair of leg warmers. Too high and you risk increasing recovery time and restricting your blood flow.
The evidence suggests the optimum pressure is:

Calf          20.6  –  28.0 mmHg
Thigh      12.6   –  17.0 mmHg

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Why ensuring the right fit is important?

Selecting a compression garment for the dimensions of your legs based on height & weight leads to inconsistent outcomes.

One leading brand assigns the same size (Medium) to an athlete standing 165 cms tall and weighing 85kg as another who is 35 cms taller but 10 kg lighter.

Those individual’s dimensions and body compositions will be vastly different.

We ask you for up to 4 measurements to ensure you a precise fit and the optimum compression.

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Correct Fit
Graduated Pressure

Why is graduated compression important for recovery?

Graduated compression garments exert more compression as you move along the limb away from the body. It promotes better circulation which allows for the faster removal of metabolites from the blood.

The innovation of compression for sports recovery came from treating other medical conditions.

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Benefits Recovery Cuff

Discover the Riixo Recovery Cuff

Optimum Compression
A Tailored Approach to Fit
Graduated Pressure


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Compression sleeves, tights, or base layers. High grade or low.
Compression for recovery or for performance

May depend upon your:


Level of exertion and the muscles & joints under stress


Time available for recovery and any need to multi-task


At home, in work or just on the slopes or a demanding trail


Be it faster recovery or managing an injury or niggle

The research that helped shape the development of our Recovery Cuffs.

By combining insights from the best sports science laboratories with applied feedback from athletes and performance professionals in competitive settings, we deliver accessible recovery products that have an impact.

Our products are backed by research

Here are our further findings on the benefits of compression

Evidence shows that compression improves circulation to muscles if it is applied after exercise. When used after exercise, compression counteracts delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) by increasing oxygen uptake to the working muscles, reducing lactic acid levels in the blood. It has also been shown to help optimise maximal power during endurance training, meaning that you can run harder for longer.

A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that cyclists who wore compression garments on their legs between two 40km time trials recovered faster and had a far greater power output than those who did not.

In a second study, looking into the preventive effect of leg compression garments, two groups of athletes were tested following a 10Km run.
Compression Aide Faster Recovery

Compression can aid faster recovery by:

Increasing Blood Flow
Promoting Lymphatic Drainage
Reducing Inflammation
Decreasing Swelling
Promoting the Transportation of Oxygen
After strenuous exercise, your muscles become depleted and damaged. This will manifest in reduced performance – lower strength, power – and possibly muscle soreness for a period of time.

There are proactive steps you can take to reduce the length of recovery – to help your body return to homeostasis as quickly as possible.

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