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Beth Kidger - 5000m athlete

Beth grew up in a big family, in Brighton - an energetic town on England's south coast. She was inspired to run by her brother, Joel, who competed in the Commonwealth Games when she was just 10. As a twin, there was always competition (in the garden) but her comfort competing on the track came later.

Beth committed to her running after University

Beth came back from a traveling adventure with a whole new mindset - and decided to take her running more seriously.

She attributes this to having found more confidence in herself.

She trusted her brother, Joel, to coach her and together they built consistency into Beth's training. Beth resolved to do all she could to stay healthy and fit after picking up a few injuries as she returned to the sport. This set the conditions that allowed the accumulation of performance gains, PBs and enjoying competition again.

Her approach to being recovered and fresh, combined with the hard work and effort that went into her training and race performances, has delivered international vests for Wales and Great Britain & NI.

Don't ever stop.

I've worked on all my recovery habits. By integrating lots of little things into my everyday routine, it hasn't felt like a big change.

The Riixo products definitely qualify as a small change that's had a big impact. Especially after intense session or our longer, faster runs.

The Riixo cuffs are in my bag and go on as soon as the session finishes. The ice is absolute bliss on a hot day.



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