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Riixo Quad & Hamstring Cuffs


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Riixo Quad & Hamstring Cuff × 2

Riixo Thermacase

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Riixo Cuff Wash Bag

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Ice, Heat and Compression

  • Reduce DOMS
  • Ease tight quads
  • Reduce pain from pulled hamstring
  • Faster recovery after running
  • Treat muscle strain

No requirement to be plugged into an electricity source, the Riixo quad & hamstring cuffs are designed to fit in with your active life. Recovery while you get on with your day.


This product is sold as a pair

Product Description

3 IN 1

Our recovery cuffs integrate compression, heat and ice therapy into a single, versatile, garment.


Don’t wait for an injury. The recovery cuff allow you to be proactive – heal and recharge so you can test your limits without fear of pain.


Each cuff comes with an insulated case to maintain their temperature allowing you to use them as soon as you stop exercising.


Gradient compression tailored to target both the quads and hamstrings.


You can freeze the whole cuff in a domestic freezer or heat it in the


Extensive testing ensures the quad & hamstring cuff can withstand the rigours of daily use.


  1. Mac

    As a serving soldier and keen rugby player my thighs are constantly getting put through their paces, add age to the mix and it all takes it toll. However these quad cuffs have revolutionised my recovery. After a week of phys in work my legs were never completely fresh for game day on Saturday. However, a quick 20 mins in the cuffs after each training session and I’m good to go come Kick off! Post rugby again they are ideal for sorting all those lumps, bumps and bruises, especially today with a dead leg!

    Highly recommended for all athletes of any age and sport! A must have in improving your recovery and maintaining optimum performances!

    • Cameron

      Thank you for the feedback, Mac. We're really happy they're keeping you going pre and post rugby. Thanks for trusting Riixo. Don't ever stop.

  2. Gareth Kilshaw

    My quads are always where I feel the delayed effect of ultra trail running the most, and it can be really painful! I was intrigued by this product and had to give them a go. I use them straight after a hill session, and living in Scotlands highest village I do lots of those. The cuffs are really well made and comfortable to use and the relief soon kicks in . They’ve really made a difference to how quickly I recover after a long run and have, not only reduced but removed that delayed muscle soreness that trail running can give you. They’re designed around the athlete with some good touches like the Velcro belt to keep them secure and the quality is evident as soon as you open the box.

    • Cameron

      Thank you for the review, Gareth. We're delighted you like the design touches and that they're standing up well to the hilly training routes in the Scottish Boarders.

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R2 53 - 57.5 38 - 41.5 32
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R4 64 - 68.5 46 - 48.5 32
R5 69 - 73.5 49 - 51.5 32
R6 74 - 78.5 52 - 56.5 32
  • Your recovery quad & hamstring cuff
  • Thermacase
  • Washbag

Freeze the quad & hamstring cuffs at home. It only takes 2 hours to reach the optimum temperature or leave it in over night for best results.
They are designed not to freeze solid

30 seconds in the microwave will reach the optimum temperature range of 35-45°C. Do this in bursts of 15 seconds, giving the cuffs a squeeze in-between to make sure the gel heats evenly.


After Sport - Use ice immediately after sport to alleviate muscle soreness, minimise secondary tissue damage as well as reduce inflammation.

Injury recovery - Icing an injury will help to reduce pain and swelling. It is designed to specifically manage conditions such as hamstring strains, torn muscles, groin strain and tight quads.


Sport recovery - Heat will increase blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles so use the quad and hamstring cuffs before training to prepare the body for exercise. Applying heat after stimulates small cells called fibroblasts that help with tissue growth

Injury recovery - Heat can help prevent muscle wastage by up to 37% if applied daily when you are carrying an injury.

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