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The 3 Phases of Activity

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Riixo Recovery: 3 Phases of Activity

Performance: The glory is in the performance, but the pain is in the (sometimes brutal) work done in preparation.

Preparation: Includes the blocks of focused training over months or years, refining nutrition, strength & conditioning work, increasing pace or building endurance, refining technique, or conquering skills.

Recovery: powers both the performance and preparation phases. The choices made that impact recovery, have a huge impact on the performance level that you can reach. A smarter recovery increases the quality of preparation and improves your performance.

riixo 3 phases of activity by time spent 1
Riixo Recovery: 3 Phases of Activity by time spent

Recovery is the activity that consumes the most time yet, we don't tend to approach our recovery protocols in a mindful fashion.

At Riixo we understand that your performance is powered by (or limited by) all the quality work that you have done in preparation and both performance and preparation are powered by how you recover

Recovery is the unseen foundation that your training and performances are built on. Recovery starts the moment you stop. By being fresh every training session can be more purposeful. You can better secure physical, mental and technical gains whilst minimising the chance of injury derailing your mission.

We are medics who come from professional sport. We trust in sports science. We understand the demands of busy lives. We know what works and we are passionate about recovery.

We will show you how to think about your recovery - the two areas of focus to recover faster.

We have designed products that work within the demands of busy lives to enable a faster recovery. They start performing from the moment you stop. They’ve been developed using the latest research and refined by more than 200 committed athletes. They are trusted by Olympians and professional athletes. They've won awards and great reviews.

They are easy to use, convenient, and they work.

You'll recover better, train harder, limit injury risk and smash your personal goals.

Join the recovery revolution.

Don’t Ever Stop

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3 comments on “The 3 Phases of Activity”

  1. […] Recovery is the foundational activity phase from which quality training (preparation) drives better performance. We have introduced a model for faster recovery and the 2 most important areas of focus: one that impacts the magnitude of recovery required and the other that influences your rate of recovery. […]

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