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What Is The Best Knee Support For Sore Knees After Running?

The best knee support for sore knees after running depends on when you are looking to use it and what stage of the injury you are at.

There are five categories of knee brace, and we will cover them all in this article as well as explain when to use them and provide some recommendations on which ones are the best knee support to manage sore knees after running.

What are the different types of knee supports

Thermal Recovery to reduce pain and swelling

Riixo Knee Support

This is the newest classification of knee support and that is thermal recovery. Supports like this are to be worn after exercise or during periods of pain and swelling. They provide targeted ice or heat to the knee to help you manage pain and swelling, whilst also delivering supportive compression to the knee.

The other benefit of these braces is that promote great functional movement so you are not restricted to being close to an electricity socket or strapped to bags of ice.


You can use heat to prepare the knee for exercise by increasing blood flow to the area and preparing the muscles and soft tissue


Cryotherapy helps to reduce pain and swelling in the area helping to minimise sore knees after running.

Check out the Riixo Knee cuff to understand how this is one of the best knee supports for pain after running.

Knee support to prevent sore knees.

Riixo Prophylactic knee brace

This would be a Prophylactic (pro-fa-lack-tick) Knee Brace.

These braces are designed to be worn to prevent injury to the knee or reduce the impact of an injury. Supports like this are normally worn by athletes whilst they are taking part in contact sports like football.

The ShockDoctor Ultra is a good example of a prophylactic knee brace.

Functional Knee Support to wear whilst running

McDavid Functional Knee Support

A functional knee brace is used to provide support to knees that are already injured. Functional knee braces are also excellent for those who require additional support after ACL repair surgery and for reducing rotation following an ACL tear or injury. Functional knee supports tend to be a little stronger and more rigid than prophylactic knee support as they will be supporting a weak or injured structure.

The McDavid Knee Support with side hinges and cross straps is the brace we recommend.

Rehabilitation Knee Brace for after surgery

Rehabilitation Knee Brace

Rehabilitation knee braces are designed to be worn post-surgery and will often have locking mechanisms to prevent certain movements and protect key structures. This knee brace is to event LCL and MCL by preventing rotation of the leg.

In most surgical cases you will be issued with a specific knee support at the hospital depending on the type of surgery you had.

Unloader / Offloader knee support for arthritis and cartilage tears

Offloader knee Brace

An offloaded or unloader knee brace is designed to market a specific structure or area of the knee in order to off load the structural forces placed on it. These are designed to help reduce pain and balance the mechanics of the knee so that the structures can heal and repair themselves.

This is a great example of an osteoarthritis offloader knee support.

Riixo knee support for sore knees after running

Ice, heat and compression in our award-winning knee support

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