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The Calf Sleeve

How do you elevate the humble compression sleeve?

You look at every small detail.

You take the science, you add precision engineering, comfortable & high-performance materials and sustainable manufacturing in the best facility in Europe.

Then you get the feedback from 200 picky and demanding athletes - integrating the best ideas.

What you get is the Riixo Calf Sleeves. Wonderfully comfortable, compressive recovery in sleeves that are durable and easy to care for. Sleeves that can be used independently or that, when used with your Riixo Recovery Cuffs, elevate your recovery further.

What is the optimum level of compression for recovery?

For the calf, its 20.6 - 28.0 mmHg of pressure.

It will probably feel tighter than compression sleeves you've had before. But, with Riixo, you can feel confident that your sleeves are exerting the right level of compression.

If pressure is lower than this range then its probable that all you have is an expensive pair of socks, any higher than this level of pressure and you increase the risk of fluids becoming trapped - hampering the recovery process

Here are are links to the three things that matter the most when it comes to compression for recovery

We've also built a product that is robust, easy to care for and super-comfortable.

The fabric blend has been engineered to be breathable without compromising the 360 degrees of compression

The seamless design ensures this all-around compression and also makes the product strong and durable - with fewer areas of weakness to rip or tear.

Compression can be beneficial when worn for up to 9 hours but approximately two thirds of this benefit is in the first third of time (3 hours). So, when worn with our Calf Recovery Cuffs, not only do they act as an additional barrier (should you wish) under your cuffs but they can be worn after your cuffs have lost all their iciness (or heat) to keep the recovery going with less bulk - allowing them to be discretely worn under your skinny jeans!

Athlete recovers in the new Riixo Calf Sleeves

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