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Proven: Ice shown to improve fitness and strength

Ice shown to improve fitness and strength 

In this paper a group of young footballers aged between 18 and 20 were randomly split into two groups;

  • The control group who rested after each test
  • test group who underwent cold water immersion

Each group completed a 1000m race once a week for eight weeks with measurements of race times, heart rates, oxygen saturation were taken.

“The use of ice after exercise improves aerobic capacity and strength”

When retested this group showed improvements in all areas when compared to the other group. Improvements’ on race times, decrease in heart rate, improvement on oxygen saturation levels.

The full article can be accessed through this link.


Boujezza HSghaier ABen Rejeb MGargouri ILatiri IBen Saad H. 2018. Effects of cold water immersion on aerobic capacity and muscle strength of young footballers. Tunis Med.  Feb;96(2):107-112.

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