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The Recovery Starter Pack

The perfect introduction to our award-winning recovery solutions.

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Multi award winning 

The perfect introduction to our award-winning recovery solutions.

Features & Uses

Gradient compression for optimal muscle recovery

The Riixo Recovery calf compression sleeves have a seamless design that applies 360° gradient compression to help reduce muscle soreness by promoting blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Speed up your recovery after high-intensity exercise with the Riixo Recovery Calf sleeve.


The seamless design ensures full and complete compression around the whole lower leg. This design also enables the calf cuffs to be stronger and more durable whilst remaining breathable for comfort and to prevent overheating.


Recover anywhere with the Riixo ice ball

  • Massage sore muscles
  • Reduce pain from shin splints
  • Ease tight muscles
  • Reduce DOMS and muscle soreness

The innovative Riixo Ice Ball combines the benefits of cryotherapy and traditional massage balls for a great new form of recovery.

The steel ball has a liquid core that remains cold and can be frozen for better results. Simply place the Ice Ball in the freezer for two-three hours, and you’re good for up to six hours.


Instructional video

Grip the ice ball in the silicone cup.

In a seated or standing position, roll the ice ball over the affected area using moderate pressure.

You want to roll the ice ball in the same direction that the muscle fibres a facing. Just think about rolling it from the start of the muscle down to the end and back again.

If you find an area of tenderness, you can focus on this point by rolling the ice ball in circles around the area.

Only use the ice ball on a specific area, for 30 seconds at a time, before changing to another muscle.



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Whats in the box:

  • Pair of Calf Sleeves
  • 1 Ice Ball

Size Guide

Size Measurement (cm)
R1 28.5 - 32
R2 32.5 - 36
R3 36.5 - 40
R4 40.5 - 44
R5 44.5 - 50


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