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Riixo Compact Thermacase

Enabling Cryotherapy or Heat Therapy when space is at a premium.

Same life-extending impact but in tighter case. 


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Our Thermacase is a double insulated case that allows you to warm up or start your muscle recovery anytime, including immediately after injuries. Take care of your body as soon as you step off the bike, out of the gym or cross the finish line. The compact thermacase is designed to hold 2x calf cuffs, taking up less room in your kitbag but without compromising on its efficiency.

Enhanced protection

To keep your cuffs intact, the case is made of hard shell EVA with double insulated foam and foil.


Decide when you start and stop your muscle recovery: the thermacase’s compact design makes it easy for you to take it anywhere.

Relief on the go

You can keep your cuff frozen up to 6 hours or maintain its heat to use it before, during or after your exercise.




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  1. James

    I love the compact thermacase that my cuffs came with, fits perfectly in my rucksack for work and the fact that it can heep them hot or cold for longer is excellent.

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