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Five weeks of incredible performances

Was it really 5 weeks ago that Jake Wightman kicked things off with that gutsy 1,500m run in Oregon? Some of the very best athletes in the world have entertained us royally during those 3 major championships. And we loved every second of it.

We’re especially proud of the athletes who trust Riixo as a part of their recovery protocols. We think they clocked 27 medals – but it could have been more.

These 27 are from the athletes we know about - those who have contacted us or shared using the products on social media. Many (quite understandably!) keep their recovery secrets under wraps. When you train for marginal gains the compound effect of better recovery after every single session adds up in both performance and consistency.

What were our highlights from those major championships? Well, there were many... But these were the eight moments, in no particular order, when everything stopped for the team at Riixo - and the volume went to another level!

Jake Wightman Recovery Protocol at Major Champs 1

1 - Jake's World Championship Gold: This was THE performance of the summer for us. Jake raced with his head, heart and guts to be the better man against one of the great active names in the sport, Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

He raced smartly through the rounds with plenty in reserve for the final. And in that moment, in the biggest race of the year, he put himself in position for Gold. Then he risked everything for the win. As he kicked, it was quickly evident that no-one had the strength to live with him.

But what we love most about the story of this performance is that it started in Tokyo. After feeling great racing through the rounds, he finished 10th in the 1500m final. This was a disappointment for Jake - it didn't reflect his capability.

What followed was personal self reflection, and a resolution to be stronger in 2022,

Coming out of the off season he focused on his endurance to build his strength and stamina. He recognised his 1500 peers were also able to string together competitive 5k times.

During the dark winter months he ran some grueling cross countries and road races. When the indoor season opened up, he could be found shaving huge chunks off his 3000m PB as the investment of effort show signs of paying off.

When the moment in Oregon came, the throttle was open and the tank was full.

Of course, Jake completed the set this summer; with a silver at the Europeans, in the 800m, and bronze in the Scotland vest at the Commonwealths.

He's now an athlete with a target on his back. A scalp for his competitors. But there is no question that Jake and his team will look at every angle and improve again for 2023.

2 - Eilish McColgan's Golden Moment in Birmingham

You couldn't write it. The atmosphere of that amazing night in Birmingham crashed through the TV as Eilish, caught the wave of that Birmingham crowd's roar and powered past Irine Cheptai to emulate her mum, Liz, and take the Commonwealth title.

Hanging with the Kenyan as both of them accelerated, there was no-way that Eilish would be beaten on this night. And as 10,000m boiled down to 100m it was her night.

The resilience that Eilish showed throughout an imperfect start to 2022 is a lesson to any athlete. Her preparations were hampered by injuries and illness but when she looks back on the spoils of her season in the years to come she'll have a gold, two silvers, a bronze and a night she'll never EVER forget.

kelly hodgkinson of great britain2

3 - Keeley's Golden Finish

Such has been the standard of her performances that so much was expected of the 20 year old from Leigh going into the three major championship meetings in 2022.

The front runner gave us the gold we were thirsting for by running a different race in Munich. By not immediately taking the race by the scuff to the neck. This time she slowly tightened her grip and the field couldn't live with her.

You get the sense that not much phases this athlete - or her team. Motivation from this year will be paired with hard and smart work and its inevitable that more progress will come.

riixo partners british miles background

4 - Elliot being back

Elliot was one of the first GB athletes to use our Recovery Calf Cuffs back in early 2021. They became a staple as he commuted to training from home and as he travelled and raced around Europe during a stellar 2021 season.

This year has been a tougher challenge. Due to a combination of factors, including injury and COVID, his season didn't get going. It was almost 2 months before he felt he'd shaken off their impact, by which time reaching the qualification standard for the meetings he'd planned 2022 around was an almost impossible task.

BUT he did wear an England vest in Birmingham and acquitted himself brilliantly - reaching the final and clocking a PB of 3:33.56 by racing superbly to finish 9th. After the season he's had and the commitment shown to being on the start-line this was a tremendous result.

Lizzie Bird in Riixo Recovery Cuffs Before the 2022 Athletics World Championships in Oregon

5 - Lizzie Bird. Bouncing Back to Silver & Bronze

Lizzie is a huge favourite with Team Riixo. The 3000m steeple chaser put in a huge performance in Tokyo announcing herself as one to watch for 2022. And she hasn't disappointed.

Lizzie first met our cuffs in the Team GB holding camp before the Olympics:

“I first used the Riixo sleeves at the Tokyo Olympics. Our team physiologist recommended them as part of our post-race recovery strategies. Recovery is key at major championships. Time [between races] is short and you have to put back-to-back performances together to be in contention"

Lizzie raced to 9th in that Olympic final - posting a 9th place finish with a National Record of 9:19.68.

This is a mark she lowered to 9:07.87 this year. She finished third, in a world class field, at a Diamond League meeting in Monaco. A performance that came between collecting a silver at the Commonwealths and a bronze in Munich at the European Championships.

Read more about Lizzie and her approach to recovery here.

ciara mcgeean and laura muir exhausted after European Champs

6 - Ciara v Laura. Two incredible races of pure bravery

My goodness. What races these ladies gave us in Birmingham and in Munich.

Both have Riixo Recovery Cuffs within their protocols. Both are tremendous athletes who leave leave nothing to chance.

Ciara built her season around those two races, opting not to travel to Eugene for the worlds, where of course Laura took home bronze in a season which just got better and better and better for her.

Having pushed Laura at the Commonwealths, Ciara turned up the temperature further at the Euro Champs. She matched Laura on every stride of that last lap - right from the bell until the final run for home. Ultimately it was Laura's grit, determination and experience that got her over the line but rarely has she been so tested by a European rival. She had eyes trained on the in stadium screens to make sure there was no final attack from Ciara.

The buzz of excitement at Riixo HQ was incredible. From 300m out we knew these ladies would one-two again. This is one of our favourite images - captured from TV footage. It shows the brutality, joy and camaraderie of this incredible sport.

Jonny Mellor Commonwealth Games Marathon

7 - Jonny's Journey

Marathon man Jonny Mellor is a Riixo favourite. A local guy, who we've all watched with awe and amazement, as he crushed times over 26.2. He's a gentleman and one hell of a runner and coach.

Those who know Jonny's story will understand why this major championship performance was a highlight for us and others who know him.

He finished 6th in 2:15.31 and was the first of the home nations athletes to cross the line.

It was a performance to celebrate after 2 disappointing Commonwealth experiences and an Olympics that was ended before it had begun by a freak injury caused by some compression sleeves (not ours!)

Sport can be cruel. And sometimes timing can be crueler. It would have been a travesty of justice had Jonny not had this moment to savour. But redemption was served.

Jess Judd and Alex Bell Recover in Riixo Recovery Sleeves at the World Championships in Eugene Oregon

8 - Jess' Oregon Run

Okay - this one is a little more personal. Jess is one of our favourites. She also happens to be my son's favourite athlete too! Thomas (aged 4) will charge around his school track pretending to race - with all-out effort: "Just like Jess, Daddy!".

Jess is one of those rare gems who has excelled throughout the age grades. Always one of the very best. She has also transitioned from middle to longer distances with her talent gracing track and cross-country terrain.

On that night in Oregon Jess ran to 11th in the world over 10k and to third on the British all-time list. Behind only Eilish McColgan and a certain Paula Radcliffe.

A few days later - having waited 9 years for a worlds final - she qualified for the 5k too. Characteristically leaving it all out there. With lactic in her arms for most of the final 1k!!

"Thank you, Riixo. I wouldn't have got on that start line without your calf sleeves!!"

Congratulations on an epic season, Jess. And all the best from Team Riixo for your big day!

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