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Darren Hardy: 5 in 50 for Aggie

Good luck to endurance athlete Darren Hardy as he sets off to run 5 marathons in 50 hours

Ultra endurance athlete, Darren, is taking on this challenge to help raise money for 12-year-old Aggie Candy-Waters to receive life-saving gene therapy in America.

Aggie was five when she was diagnosed with H-abc Leukodystrophy, an incredibly rare brain disease impacting just 150 children worldwide. Now twelve, the disease has slowly taken her mobility and impacted her fine motor skills but she remains incredibly positive and never complains, she is fun loving and has a great sense of humour.

Aggie’s family surround her with love and resilience and have searched for an effective treatment. That search has taken them to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a drive to raise the funds for the treatment they need.

Darren is looking forward to the event and he is motivated to help Ali and Richard, Aggie’s parents, as a father of 2 young girls he can not imagine what they must have been through since that first diagnosis.

His preparations have been far from ideal with a back injury hampering recent training runs. But Darren is determined to complete the event for Aggie and to help get her to the US.

Darren will run nonstop carrying everything he needs for the 50 hours of effort in his pack. He will lean on the resilience built by his military training and that he continues to deploy as an endurance athlete.

We are delighted to be supporting Darren and we wish him and Aggie well with the journey in front of them. Please support them too if you can.

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