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Yiannis Christodoulou - A Remarkable Journey

Yiannis Christodoulou (Yianni) went from a non-athlete in 2012 to become a European and National Aquathlon Champion, a GB Aquathlon team captain, and even represented Great Britain in the 2022 World & European Triathlon Championships (Age Group).

But Yianni's journey is more than just a haul of Medals; it's a testament to the unrelenting pursuit of excellence, and the power of smart recovery.

From Good to Great - The compounding power of smart choices!

Success in sport isn't just about what you do when training or performing; the other 22 hours matter too.

Yianni's recovery habits were already good. When he met the Riixo Recovery Design Team his recovery protocol was already scoring 72%. Over the course of the summer, this advanced to 86% - and Yianni was feeling the benefits.

He rebooted his Golden Hour, prioritised quality sleep, and managed his water intake more effectively by reducing it after 4 pm. He better utilised his time after hard training sessions and races to improve his motivation and training load for subsequent sessions. 

Driving home after a race can feel like dead time. Not for Yiannis. The Riixo Recovery Calf Cuffs are slipped on, and that first hour's drive is golden. Yianni now knows he’s maximising his tomorrow with clever, convenient and effective recovery today. 

Don't ever stop.

It has been an amazing season, I am so proud of what I have achieved and recovery has been a key aspect in this year's successes. I'm so appreciative of the guidance from Riixo.

The Cuffs have been amazing. I’ve had no aches post racing - from Super Sprint to Middle Distance races. With two events this season allowing only a 5 day turnaround.

If you told me when I first started in 2012 (when I couldn't swim!) I would have laughed.

This year I achieved, 6 medals in National & British Championships from the 9 races I entered. I also landed 4 PBs and qualifications for the GB team next year

The Riixo cuffs have been a secret weapon this year. I'm kinda hoping word doesn't get out!


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