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Running with Doctor Steph

Steph is a trainee GP in the NHS and her specialism is in peadiatrics. She runs for enjoyment and for the positive physical and mental benefits it brings. Steph has her own running goals but she is also passionate about encouraging beneficial lifestyle changes in all her patients.

A recent injury hampered Steph's training and made it impossible to get out and run

She become more focused on her recovery between hard sessions and after races. Our cuffs have been a great addition to her post exercise routines. They have made Steph more mindful of recovery and they fit nicely into a busy professional schedule such that she is even able to recover whilst at work with great convenience.

Don't ever stop.

The Riixo Cuffs are just so easy and convenient to use and that has been the main thing that I've really loved about them. I find I am focusing more on my recovery and that has only served to improve my training.


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Riixo Iceball


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