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Endurance Physio - Lucy Sacarello

Lucy is a Physiotherapist who specialises in treating endurance athletes. She is perfectly placed to understand the needs of these competitors who push themselves over longer distances as she regularly challenges herself in ultra-endurance events.

Lucy understands the demands that are placed on the body over endurance distances

She knows what it takes mentally and physically to prepare for those tests. She loves to push herself and extend the bounds of what is possible, to extend distances covered, to achieve what previously felt out of reach. Every detail matters. Hard work, diligent training and a thoughtful approach to recovery. The addition of our Recovery Cuffs have complimented her traditional approach to recovery. They fit conveniently into the demands of a busy work, home and sporting life.

Don't ever stop.

The Riixo sleeves compliment my recovery perfectly. After hours on my feet, there is nothing I am more grateful for than iced, compressive sleeves.

I am not a pro athlete - these are my hobbies & so being able to recover on the go is critical.


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Riixo Iceball


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