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Laura Gray - Physio. Coach. Competitor.

Laura lives and breaths her sport.

She is a sports therapist, a dedicated coach, and a competitor herself.

She's quite used to mixing it at the front of the field and has ambitions to progress in the sport she loves.

Her partner is an Age Group 70.3 Ironman World Champion; so sport and life, life and sport are completely intertwined.

You'll find them pushing each other in training sessions, and encouraging each other on race weekends.

Laura understands all the details that are involved in high performance.

There's no magic wand. No hacks. Understand where you are, commit to your plan and work hard.

Laura has progressed with each challenge and season conquered. Whilst her trajectory has been upwards, there have been set backs.

When illnesses and injuries have interrupted plans, Laura's mindset has been to learn the lessons; to recover stronger - physically and mentally - to understand what's happened and to heed the lessons.

She firmly believes that consistency is a key differentiator. Turning up. Working hard. Banking the sessions that pay performance dividends over time.

As tough as Triathlon can be, she never forgets to enjoy the sport. The moments it brings her, the friendships made, the team mates she roots for, the milestones reached and experiences that are hard won but never forgotten.

Don't ever stop.

The Recovery Cuffs really do live up to the hype!

At Age Group level it is about fitting in as much as possible and its all around life, work or family commitments. Recovery can take a back seat and that's when injuries can happen.

Riixo products allow you to prioritize recovery without deprioritizing all those other things.

They are easy to incorporate into daily life and I definitely feel the benefit. Especially after hard track sessions, the following day my quads and calves feel so much better.


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