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Kathy Stringer - Duathlete

Kathy is a Duathlete and a film maker. An athlete, an adventurer and a goal-setter. Even in her down-time she doesn’t sit still. As a recent ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats during some “time-off” might demonstrate.

Kathy placed 2nd at the 2021 World Championships for Duathlon in Avilés and is the reigning National Champion.

Kathy started running at an early age. Her parents saw some talent and took her to a local athletics club when she was just nine.

Throughout her teenage years she was devoted to the track. The transition to duathlon was no small step as a serious bike accident as a kid had left its mark on the more typically fearless, Kathy. After university she overcame that fear of clipping in; laps of the park became commuting to work which became weekend rides. A friend suggested she try duathlon and, after winning her Age Group in that first outing, she hasn’t looked back.

Kathy has quickly become a fan of Riixo Recovery products and if ever she experiences any post-session soreness she immediately reaches for the Recovery Cuffs in ice mode.

Don't ever stop.

I find them really soothing after hard run or gym sessions. There’s a meaningful reduction in DOMS and, by easing tight calves, my Plantar Fasciitis has been relieved too.

Like most, I have to fit training around working commitments. If I have 15 minutes between finishing a run and starting a Zoom I just pull the cuffs on and I’m recovering and working! Super convenient.


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