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Kate Hutchinson - From Pool to Podium

Meet Kate Hutchinson, a remarkable woman with a journey to Triathlon that started in the Commonwealth Games pool back in 2010.

Today, she's transitioned to secondary school English teacher and an Age-Group Triathlete who is pushing performance boundaries and improving all the time.

Her days are busier than ever, but that hasn't stopped her from pursuing her passion for sports. Let's dive into more of Kate's inspiring journey and how recovery helps balance the demands of training, teaching and a thirst to say "yes" to new experiences.

Kate's early years were dedicated to swimming. She represented England and Team GB in international competitions until age 21

Swimming built a strong engine for endurance sports and she layered more foundational strength when a passion for CrossFit emerged in 2017.

During lockdown, Kate's interest in Triathlon was piqued, and she registered to race Leeds in 2021. In that first race she qualified for the Age Group World Championship. It was evident that triathlon was a natural fit - she had the bug! 

Kate doesn't sugarcoat her experience. Triathlons were incredibly challenging. But she's fiercely determined and in those 2022 Abu Dhabi World Championships, she secured a remarkable 3rd place finish. Fair reward for all the hard work.

In 2023, Kate faced a recurring hip injury. She was forced to look at how she recovered. Her previous routine lacked proper warm-ups, and she would often "just smash it" in her training.

Riixo's Score Your Recovery tool and a 1-1 consultation with their Recovery Team made Kate reflect on her recovery practices and gave her a structure and a plan to improve her protocols. There were simple changes to enhance her recovery despite being so busy.

The result? Kate felt the benefits immediately.

Don't ever stop.

Oh my goodness, the recovery planning sessions with Riixo were SO helpful. I love a plan, and the team there gave me one!

My Quad cuffs and Calf cuffs are always on. It's like wearing an ice bath and the compression is perfect.

I didn't believe they'd help me so much. Now, when I forget them and train without wearing my cuffs afterwards, I notice the difference. I ache the next day.

I've actually considered keeping them a secret. I don't want anyone else I'm racing to have these!! 🙂


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