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Jack Davis - Ironman

Jack is a physiotherapist, a business owner, performance specialist and an Ironman competitor.

He trusted in Riixo for his recovery before lining up against the best in the world.

In May this year Jack competed at the Ironman World Championships

He lined up shoulder to shoulder with the very best in the world. In searing conditions, Jack came in the top 20 athletes in his Age Group. An incredible performance.

Jack isn't a professional athlete but triathlon is his life. He is a physiotherapist, a sports massage therapist and a specialist bike fitter. Through his business, UK Tri Fit, he supports cyclists and multi-sport athletes optimise their performance.

He knows the importance of recovery for performance. As he diligently prepared for St George, Jack trusted in Riixo products as his training load ramped-up and the intensity of the blocks increased.

Don't ever stop.

To build gains and avoid plateaus you have to recover well - but that’s not always easy. The team at Riixo have understood this. The cuffs are really well designed – they effortlessly fit in.

I often have back to back sessions with heavy training blocks. Recovering well - effectively and efficiently - is huge. The calf cuffs are amazing, It feels like I've done half the miles


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