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Dr Megan Powell - Prescribing Recovery to Max Training Efforts

Meet Megan, a junior doctor and something of a Duathlon powerhouse, boasting five European Medals and two World Medals.

But what truly sets Megan apart is her mindful and savvy approach to recovery, despite all the demands of training, shift patterns and a hectic schedule of demanding racing.

As a busy medical student, she purchased her first bike and joined a University Triathlon club.

Her secret to success? Consistent, efficient training methods that maximizes gains and her time.

Megan humbly shares, "I'm faster now with fewer training hours than during my university days."

Megan met Riixo via British Triathlon. Understanding her busy schedule, the "Golden Hour" became the area of our combined focus - its where recovery gains can be maximized. Her new protocols ensure that the 60 minutes after harder sessions facilitate fast and effective recovery. 

Simple suggestions were also integrated into Megan's pre-bed routine - with hydration being tapered before bed and screens going into sleep facilitating settings.

On working with the Riixo Team Megan said, "It's been incredibly helpful. Recovery is now an integral part of my plan, not an afterthought or a chore."

Don't ever stop.

I often train early. The calf cuffs are user-friendly, portable, and they simply feel fantastic!

As soon as I get ready for work, I put them on, which is a good time period for me to recover whilst getting stuff I need to get done. I can’t make breakfast & foam roll! But I don't stop when I'm wearing these. The cooling effect lasts so long, which is really amazing.

All that said, I think the Ice ball might be my favourite Riixo product. I use it all the time. It’s amazing. It’s super, super good!



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Riixo Iceball


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