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Dr Helly Godfrey - Mum, Wife, GP and Multisport Enthusiast

In the relentless world of Multisports, few athletes manage to balance resilience, enthusiasm and energy like Helen (Helly) Godfrey. The British Triathlon Ambassador juggles the demands of life with her Aquathlon training and is the most vocal of supporters for her training mates, those new to the sport and anyone who asks for her guidance.

She understands what works for her but remained open to learn more in a sport where there's always an opportunity to improve and to push yourself.

For Helly, life is a jigsaw puzzle, a delicate balancing act between family, work, and rigorous training.

"It's like a jigsaw. I swam this morning at 05:50, did the school run, and still got to work early… You have to make time rather than find it".

Helly’s  ability to seamlessly integrate various facets of her life reflects the meticulous planning that underpins her pursuit of athletic achievement.

She isn't impervious to the challenges of pushing physical limits. "I break quite easily, so I have to be careful," she candidly shares, providing a glimpse into the vulnerability and openness accompanies her pushing the envelope - striving for success - balancing training AND recovery.

A good night's sleep is coveted. For Helly, it's a battle that has persisted since her A&E days 20 years ago. But she knows the value and addresses her needs with a few self imposed routines. Getting to bed early - despite being teased by her loving family - and disconnecting the world beyond her family, "I avoid my phone because social media causes anxiety when I'm tired. I'm aware of the feeling and I choose to do something about it"  Her deliberate choice to disconnect underscores the importance of sleep preparation in an era of constant connectivity.

Don't ever stop.

The 20-minute drive home is now my recovery zone. I love what they allow me to do and how they make me feel. 

I think Riixo has fixed me. Everything feels beautiful when I take them off. You can just feel them working.

I'm always going to use them. Even though life is busy and changing all the time, and we have LOADS going on as a family, I love my exercise routine, and these have integrated so easily. 


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