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David Vogwell - From a bet at a wedding to British Triathlon Ambassador

In 2014 David was persuaded to sign up for an Ironman at a wedding reception, despite not owning a bike or knowing how to swim.

Determined and undeterred, he embraced the challenge and embarked on a remarkable athletic journey, progressing from track and road races to ultras.

This season, in British Triathlon colours he finished 7th in his age group at the 2023 World Triathlon Long Distance Duathlon Championships in Switzerland.

During the pandemic lockdowns David found his passion and got serious about Duathlon.

After a few more niggles than he remembered, David really focused on his recovery - primarily this was diet and hydration. But he wishes now that he had a better roadmap to follow.

The Riixo Recovery consultations gave him a framework. A plan that was easily integrated into his busy life. Small and bigger things that really worked and added up.

Beyond his athletic pursuits, David is a music enthusiast, playing with his band, "Richard and the Rip-Offs." He's a dedicated family man, an NHS professional, and a sports nut.

When asked for advice from newcomers in the sport he enthuses that they must embrace challenges, learn from failures, and prioritise consistency - "consistency trumps everything."


Don't ever stop.

The Riixo sleeves really are a game changer.

They have become part of my post-session routine and my night time routine a couple of nights a week (nice and warm before going to bed!).

I do a gym session on a Wednesday. Thursday morning runs were always achy. I always wear them on a Wednesday now and those runs are not nearly as bad - in fact, they've gotten longer and faster!

It has also brought recovery, as a whole, into focus for me as I did not always prioritise this.  Recovery has now become a greater part of my training and something I plan.


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