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Chris Standidge - World Champion AG 70.3 Ironman Athlete & Coach

Meet Chris.  A committed athlete, coach, partner and business owner.

Life is busy and Chris is dedicated to the progress of those around him.

His Triathlon journey began in 1995. Gangsta’s Paradise was no.1 and Steffi Graf won Wimbledon.

He has been crowned Ironman 70.3 World Champion in his age group twice, as well as taking the AG title at IM 70.3 Lanzarote. 

In 2018, he doubled-down on his commitment to the sport and became a full-time Coach, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others and building the Total Tri Training community


As a Coach and an Athlete getting your recovery right is key

For athletes like Chris, being able to maintain the required training volume is essential, especially given the physicality of the sport.

It's an age-old struggle – we want to do what's best for our bodies, but life often gets in the way. For those who are 40,  or approaching their 40s, recovery becomes a priority when building towards racing.

The goal is to race to your potential. To leave satisfied that no more could be done. To have no regrets.

Chris has used and tested multiple recovery tools to explore their potential to aid performance. His journey with RIIXO Recovery began near the start of this season. The Cuffs provide that extra push to recover faster and perform at your best.

Don't ever stop.

My legs feel better after wearing them.

Using them fairly regularly, I can just get on with life. If I ever forget to take them with me, I pass the freezer on the way in - and remember to pull them on.

Ongoing education is important… the sport changes but it's always demanding

Run performance has become more important. As far as I’m concerned, run performance is about mileage, and being able to hit the key sessions as hard as you possibly can... The test is often how fresh we feel when we wake up in the morning. I can say categorically, I do feel better when I put them on.


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