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Recover Faster.
Much Faster.
After Every Session.

Optimum compression plus Riixo’s GelTech System. You are hugged, heated & chilled to a faster recovery. Proven to significantly reduce muscle tightness & soreness after every session.

By recovering faster you’ll be ready…

For all the things that matter to you…

Inside & outside of your sport
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Benefits of Ice, Heat & Compression…

Ice  - Research shows using ice after exercise alleviates muscle soreness, reduces inflammation and minimises secondary tissue damage.

Heat  - Studies show heat helps to build muscle mass, prevent muscle wastage, improve fatigue resistance and alleviate joint pain.

Compression - Research shows increased muscle strength, muscle function, reduced soreness & DOMS when using compression for recovery. 

The Riixo Recovery Cuff & GelTech System

Effective  - As a physio & former pro-athlete, building highly effective & impactful products is a non-negotiable for Cameron, Riixo’s Founder.

Convenient  - Enjoy a soothing recovery feeling whilst you get on with the demands of a busy life. Pull them on as soon as you stop for a recovery without compromise.

Proven - To deliver a faster recovery with significantly less muscle soreness. When you’re recovered your progression (and chance of staying injury free) is far higher, way more than marginal gains.

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Plus access to actionable recovery protocols & the best recovery insights
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