RIIXO Recovery

Don't ever stop
This is what our
story is all about.

The shock. The agony. The worry. And, worst of all, the emotional pain.

If you are an athlete or someone who loves their sport, you either know how
those emotions feel or fear them.

We’ve been there. We know that no physical injury hurts more than having
your dream taken away from you. This is where our company comes from: a
passion stopped short by injury but used to create a new path and a new

At the moment our founder was forced to retire from rugby due to a severe
injury, he turned his pain into motivation. He dedicated his life to helping
people recover and do the things they love.

So his purpose became ours as a company. To accomplish it, we created the
world’s first recovery cuff providing ice, heat and compression in a complete

But we didn’t stop there. Thanks to our military and athletic background, we
learned not to settle — so we are continuously working on new solutions.

Now, we are on a mission to make science-backed recovery equipment
affordable and easy to use — because we believe that everyone is an athlete.

Meet Cameron,
our founder and CEO

Cameron Johnston, a former professional rugby player, founded our
company in 2017. However, the path that led him to create Riixo
started in 2007.

That was the year he broke his back on a pitch — marking the end of
his career as an athlete, but the beginning of a new one as a physio.

Over ten years of his own rehabilitation, including two BSc degrees —
in Sports Science and Physiotherapy —, work experience in UK
health services, and seven years in the British Army, Cameron has
helped numerous people recover too.

But something was missing.

During peacekeeping operations with the United Nations in South
Sudan, his frustrations grew at the substandard equipment available
for recovery. He had enough of either using frozen peas to aid
people’s pains or being dependent on electricity and water to heal

He needed something that would be quick and accessible — both in
cost and usability. That’s where the innovative idea of a 3-in-1 calf cuff
came from.

Thanks to it, Cameron’s resilience has started the recovery revolution.

Riixo founder Cameron Johnston