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Riixo Calf Cuffs

Wearable Cryotherapy - "A Gamechanger"  Recovery on the run. For those who: Don't ever stop.


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Ice, Heat and Compression

  • Reduce DOMS
  • Treat shin splints
  • Ease tight calves
  • Reduce Achilles pain
  • Faster recovery after running

The Riixo Recovery Calf cuffs are a seamless calf cuff that provides 360-degree compression to your lower leg. This helps to improve your recovery through the removal of lactic acid, reducing muscle soreness and DOMS.

What makes our Calf Cuffs different is the Gel inside. The Riixo Recovery calf cuffs can be frozen or heated up. The ice is designed to help with muscle recovery after a hard session or competition and how they were used by the GB Squad at the Tokyo Olympics.

Heating them means you can use them as part of your warm-up routine or if you choose, the day after a hard session to reduce muscle soreness.

These highly versatile, award-winning calf cuffs mean that you can design your recovery protocol. There are no electrical components and no interchangeable parts so you can take them with you where ever you go.



How to measure for the Riixo Recovery Cuff

With a tape measure

Without a tape measure (using string or a cable)

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Instructional video

How to measure for the Riixo recovery calf cuffs using a tape measure.

For the upper measurement, find the crease of the knee and measure 10cm down from it. Measure around the calf at this point.

For the lower measurement, find the boney part of the outside of the ankle and measure 10cm up. Measure around the ankle at this point.



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Whats in the box:

  • Riixo Calf Cuff × 2
  • Riixo Thermacase
  • Riixo Cuff Application Sleeve
  • Riixo Cuff Wash Bag

Size Guide

Size Top measurement (cm) Bottom measurement (cm)
R1 29 - 33 20 - 26
R2 32 - 34 21 - 28
R3 34 - 42 22 - 28
R4 34 - 42 24 - 30
R5 36 - 42 24 - 32
R6 36 - 42 26 - 34
R7 38 - 44 26 - 34
R8 38 - 48 28 - 36
R9 46 - 50 32 - 38


  1. R Davids

    Game changer! As a masters CrossFit athlete mobility is something I need to work on and these cuffs help my squat with good form the next day after running heavy WODs or anything that taxes my calves. A welcome addition to my kit bag.

  2. Mark Hird

    I purchased the calf cuffs from the National Running Show in January. I needed a product that could provide hot and cold treatment to my injured calf 4 weeks out from the Seville Marathon.

    This product got me to the start line. They treat the whole calf area and I could wear them whilst working at my desk at home.

    Runners spend lots of money on shoes but don’t invest in a quality recovery product. In my opinion all runners that compete in race events should purchase this product and invest in their recovery.

    • Cameron

      Congratulations on making Seville, Mark. A big part of the Riixo mission is to limit the risk of an injury derailing athletic goals.

  3. Jem C

    As a busy triathlete (and business owner) I have tried everything to help my recovery. The calf cuffs are the ONLY thing that works for me. Since I started using them I am able to hit paces and powers the day after sprint interval session I have never hit before. Simple, easy and convenient to use.

  4. Will B

    They Work! I love them!!

  5. Darren H

    I am an endurance fanatic and anyone who has a high training load should seriously consider these. I ran a marathon before work yesterday then had a train commute to a meeting in London, I wore them under my suit on the journey. They are lightweight, discreet and easy to use. More importantly, they are incredibly effective.

  6. Jenny C

    I used to hate icing after my longer runs... I'd do my best to avoid the pain and the faff of them. If I'm honest I'd probably only do them after one-in-three runs. These cuffs are so convenient.

  7. Peter C

    As a former Commonwealth games and Olympic athlete, in those days little was done in regards to aiding recovery. I wish I had a pair in my kit bag back then, particularly after the really hard endurance sessions. I’m in my 50’s now so no longer competing but have taken up triathlons and my goal is to just keep going as long as I can, these definitely help.

  8. Glen M

    I cannot rate these cuffs highly enough!! I take them to work with me in the Thermacase and they are still frozen and ready to use after training. No more messing around with ice baths at home or missing out on the benefits of ice/compression immediately after a training session.

  9. Gareth K

    Having owned Riixo calf cuffs for a few months now I feel ready to offer a review. If you’re wondering why the wait? That’s because from my first use I felt that I had discovered a really good product, but of course one outing does not a runner make!

    I find the cooling effect immediately soothes my legs after both short intense speed sessions and my long slower runs, both an essential part of my ultramarathon training

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The innovative Riixo cuffs work to compress your calves while further reducing inflammation and tightness.

We like the multi-tasking element, just whack on the cuffs and get on with your day, handy for the time-crunched triathlete

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Immediate cryotherapy for the muscles of your lower leg. You can rest up and chill with Netflix while you wear them for 20 minutes - and that's all there is to it

Put them in the freezer to treat swelling and target pain, or heat them up in the microwave to ease tightness

Women's Running

These clever calf cuffs aim to reduce the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), help treat shin soreness, ease tight calves, reduce Achilles pain and aid faster recovery.

With the use of both compression and ice/heat treatment they are a versatile and easy to use solution.

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