RIIXO Recovery

Our Purpose

We dedicate ourselves to design and manufacture products that aid sports and injury recovery.


We aim to make people better.

Whether that is better athletic performance or faster injury
recovery, after all, better recovery is the pathway to greater
physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our Attributes

To achieve that purpose, we offer everything you
need to be the athlete you want to be.


Created by a military physiotherapist, our company designs
products to heal your body as quickly as possible. After all,
being a successful athlete is all about timing — and we don’t
want you to waste a second.


Our team’s job is finding ways to keep you focused on your
goals. Because when you are not afraid of pain, there are no
limits to what you can achieve.


Old problems need new solutions. That’s why, besides
creating cutting-edge technology, we also improve existing
ancillary products.


Good physical and mental health is the first step to being
happy. Our solutions allow you to achieve a higher quality of life by helping you find that balance.

Don’t ever stop.

Our principles

A set of beliefs drive each of our actions.

Sports are for everyone

If anyone can be an athlete, then anyone should have access
to recovery solutions. We strive to make our cutting-edge
equipment affordable and cost-effective for all people.

Body comes first

You can’t do your best if your body isn’t in good condition.
That’s why we put it at the centre of our research and
design, which considers the diversity of both human anatomy
and athletic practice.

Winners never stop improving

What makes a great athlete is the desire to keep striving for
higher performance every day. Likewise, we continuously seek
new technologies to improve the quality of our products.

Reliable ideas are based on facts

We are inspired by passion and led by science. To develop
accurate, trustworthy solutions, we combine the authority from
our experience as athletes with the credibility of scientific data.
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