RIIXO Recovery

of Ice

Ice powers your performance by
reducing muscle soreness, as well as
improving the muscle function at a
cellular level to accelerate recovery

Riixo Ice ball to help reduce DOMS
How compression helps you to recover from sports and exercise

What can ice do for injury
and sports recovery?

Your muscles generate lactic acid during exercise
which leads to a drop in performance, cramp and sore

Ice can aid muscle recovery by immediately
reducing pain and swelling, helping the body to
remove lactic acid and reducing inflammation.

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Effects of cryotherapy

The speed that the cells work at is slowed. As a result the production and release of the inflammatory chemicals are slowed down…one of these being Lactic Acid.

The cold slows down nerve signals reducing the pain signals to the brain…reducing the pain.

The ice gel in the Riixo Recovery Cuff causes the blood vessels to contract and get smaller, coupled with the compression, this increases pressure in the vessels to help flush out Lactic Acid

Cryotherapy can help to reduce tone and spasticity in muscles…helps them to relax…when used frequently after exercise for 20 minutes periods.

“Oedema” means swelling. Cryotherapy causes the blood vessels to contract and get smaller this does two things;

Don’t ever stop.


How it works