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A Gentle Birthday Run - 127 miles

Gareth is an ultra-runner. For him, there is nothing better than long, hard, demanding runs except for the community of runners he trains with!

A new job, during the COVID crisis, resulted in a plan to run 127-miles, in a single effort, on his birthday for an important cause.

Gareth's Story - 127-mile ultramarathon challenge
Gareth's Story - 127-mile ultramarathon challenge

Gareth works long hours and runs long, long, distances

He is a family man. But somehow, he is just as at home on a mountainous trail as he is laughing, with his loved-ones, over Sunday dinner.

Ultrarunners are a different breed. For most, the idea of celebrating your birthday by going for a run would be alien. Now make that run 127-miles and you know what we are dealing with.

Gareth will run for the amazing RNLI. Learn more about his birthday preparations here!

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Gareth's Story - 127-mile ultramarathon challenge