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A Gentle Birthday Run - 127 miles

In this post we look at the team assembled in support of Gareth’s 127-mile ultramarathon. Also, in this series are posts detailing his training plan, recovery protocol and kit selection.

Gareth Kilshaw
Gareth's Story - 127-mile ultramarathon challenge

The Athlete - Gareth Kilshaw

127-mile ultramarathon from Liverpool to Leeds.

A hugely personal event. Running for the benefit of the RNLI and hoping that his efforts are the foundation of a lasting charitable relationship. He is running from the docks in Liverpool – that those lifeboats protect – to his daughters adopted city, Leeds. The 127-miles, along the canal between these great northern cities, takes him past his home and along familiar training routes.

Hear more about Gareth’s love-hate relationship with this route, what the challenge means to him, how he came to ultrarunning and prepared for this event. 

The "Coach" - Nicola Bruce

12-week training plan for a ultramarathon.

Nicola is at pains to point out, whatever Gareth might say, she is not his coach!

She describes herself as Gareth’s training partner who is bringing some much-needed structure and organisation to his training!

Nicola explains: The commitment to run 100 miles or more in a single day is massive. The training time required to clock up the miles you need is a big undertaking. And the approach she and Gareth took to their ultra-training plan.

Nicola Bruce - Gareth Kilshaw's 127-mile ultramarathon support team
Rob Bond - Gareth Kilshaw's 127-mile ultramarathon support team

Strength & Conditioning - Rob Bond

A highly personal plan, targeted for the demands of this event

Gareth and Rob have worked together for over 2 years. Gareth has felt the benefit of Rob’s work which is targeted and personal. In many ways, Rob did not change much in the lead up to this event – but that is because all the work they do together is so focused on improving his running.

Here is how Rob prioritises the strength and conditioning work an example of a sessions from their time in the gym.

Nutritionist - Lauren Bond

Making the small changes that add fuel to the furnace of an Ultrarunner

Gareth has always paid attention to how he eats around his running. He did his reading, he’s experimented and took advice of other runners but this is the first time he has used the services of a nutritionist to fully dissect his diet and re-evaluate his fuelling strategies.


Understand the approach that Lauren took and the changes they made for Gareth’s training and for the event itself.

Lauren Bond - Gareth Kilshaw's 127-mile ultramarathon support team
Cameron Johnston - Gareth Kilshaw's 127-mile ultramarathon support team

Recovery Support - Cameron Johnston | Riixo founder

Strategies & protocols to optimise ultramarathon recovery.

Gareth and Riixo met through the amazing GB Ultra community. Gareth became an athlete who helped develop and test products for the demands of ultrarunners.

When Cameron heard about Gareth’s challenge, he wanted to get involved and ensure the demands of training and a busy work and family life were balanced with a full recovery that allowed him to push hard in every session.

But what changes can be made for someone so accustom to racking up serious milage week-in-week-out?

Crew - Carole Kilshaw, Wife.

Cheerleading, Support, Telepathy & Everything else an Ultrarunner needs from his team

Carole is the energy source that powers Gareth at those all-important ultra-marathon checkpoints. Among her multitude of skills is an almost jedi-like ability of knowing, exactly what is needed and when; whether that’s kit, food, an encouraging word or a right-good-motivational talking to!

Carole Kilshaw - Gareth Kilshaw's 127-mile ultramarathon support team

Training Plan


Kit Selection

Don’t ever stop.