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Frequently Asked Questions

Your health is our priority. Always seek medical advice to treat sports injuries. Work with your medic, and follow their guidance, to integrate Riixo products into your recovery protocols. Always carefully follow the product instructions especially when using to ice or heat.

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Science and technology

The Riixo recovery cuffs are made from a silver ionised microfibre making the cuffs strong,
comfortable and antimicrobial. The silver ions in the yarn naturally prevent the growth of any
microorganisms such as bacteria.

The gel in the Riixo calf cuffs are made up of a combination of water, silica gel and propylene glycol. Although these are non-toxic do not ingest.

The Riixo recovery cuffs provide a Level 2 gradient compression 23-32mmHg.


There is a guide on the product page in the Store. It shows you where to measure to find the right size for you. If the cuff arrives and the size is off then just get in touch with the customer service team on hello@riixo.com and we will arrange a replacement.

In this scenario we recommend choosing the smaller size to ensure you get the benefits of gradient compression.If the cuff arrives and the size is off then just get in touch with the customer service team on hello@riixo.com and we will arrange a replacement.


The cuffs should provide a moderate level of compression, they should be tight but not restrictive or uncomfortable.
Initially the Riixo Recovery cuffs will feel really cold but should be tolerable, if you find them too cold then you can wear a thin sports sock under the cuff. After a few minutes of wearing the cuffs your body will adapt to the sensation.
After 20 minutes the heat from your body will naturally warm the gel packs, so don’t worry if they are no longer frozen. 
The Riixo recovery cuffs will be warm to touch but not unbearable. When the cuffs are in place the radiating heat for the cuff will continue to provide the right level of heat to warm the muscles. The optimum temperature is between 30-40°C (85-105°F).

Wearing and when

Ice can be used immediately after training or competing to help reduce muscle soreness and improve muscle function.
For a new injury don’t use ice for the first 24 hours. Only use compression. After the first 24 hours you can use ice frequently. The recommendation from the National Institute for Health and Excellence (NICE) is 20 minutes on the hour every hour for the first 3 hours then use as you require after that.
For old injuries use ice when you feel that you need too.
Use heat prior to training or competing to help warm up the muscles and soft tissues.
For injuries heat can be used after 72 hours to help aid with tissue repair.
For conditions such as arthritis, use the Riixo recovery cuffs as frequently as you require.
When wearing ice for performance recovery evidence shows that you will benefit from 20minutes of wear. This can be done as a continuous time or broken into 2x 10mintue slots with a 5minute break to do some gentle exercises. You can place the cuffs back in the freezer during that time to make sure they remain cold.
For Injuries the optimum time is 15-20minutes

To remove the cuff twist it 90 degrees whilst it is on your leg so that the logo is on either side of your calf. Then pull the cuff from the bottom sliding it off the leg. Alternatively you can roll the cuff down from the top turning it inside out through the movement.

Use and care

Place the cuff into your freezer at home for a minimum of two hours. For better results leave the cuff in for longer.

On their own, the cuffs will remain frozen and ready to use for up to two hours. This time can be extended up to six hours when the cuffs are placed inside the thermacase.

15 seconds in a domestic microwave on full power. Just place the cuff into a bowl to prevent it from getting caught inside. Take the cuff out give it a squeeze to mix the gel up and then test how it feels.

Out of the case, the Riixo recovery cuff will remain at the right temperature for up to 2 hours when placed inside the thermacase. If required, the cuff can be heated further at 15 second increments in the microwave. If you are doing this be sure to remove the cuff after each 15 seconds, squeeze the gel within the cuff then reposition in the microwave.

Keep the cuffs clean by following the instructions on the Riixo wash bag. You should hand wash only, do not machine wash. Dry the cuff naturally, do not tumble dry. Do not freeze when wet.

Ice Ball

Place it in the freezer for a least 1 hour. Do not remove the steel ball from the cup.

No, it cannot be heated.

The ice ball is hand held. Pressure is applied by pressing the metal ball on to the skin. Massage over the muscle with a moderate pressure. For areas of high tension, also known as a knot, apply extra pressure on the area for 30 seconds but keep the ball moving.

We are here to help

If you have any questions please contact our support team at hello@riixo.com