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Does compression speed up muscle recovery

Maximum Strength

The group that wore compression garments as part of their recovery program out performed those that did not in repeat strength tests. This shows that if you include compression as part of your recovery program you can continue to perform to a high level on repeat session.

Can compression help reduce muscle soreness

Muscle Pain

Two groups of athletes were asked to score their muscle pain in the aftermath of maximum effort training sessions. They scored using a range of 0 to 100, with 0 being pain free. The group using Compression experienced significantly reduced levels of muscle pain over the following days.

Up to
Reduction of
Muscular Inflammation


When studying the benefits of cryotherapy (ice) after training, Wozniak et al found a 30-40% reduction in inflamatory markers in the muscles. Reducing inflammation after a hard training session or competition can help to reduce muscle soreness. If you are managing an injury, new or old, ice will help manage inflammation but also help aid tissue recovery and reduce pain

Reduction of
Pain Level


Mayer et al completed a study looking into heat and the effects it has on the body after training and found there was a 52.3% decrease in pain levels in athletes that used heat. Using heat the day after training or as a warm up will help to relax the muscles, increase blood stimulation into the area.

Effectiveness of the Thermacase - Ice

The custom designed hard-shell case is double insulated to help keep maintain the temperature of the Riixo Recovery cuffs so you can take them with you.

To test its efficiency, we compared two identical calf cuffs that had been left to freeze for 6 hours. One of the cuffs was place inside a Thermacase and the other was placed on an open surface. Both cuffs had their temperature measured using an infrared laser thermometer gun at 15minute intervals.


Ambient room temperature

How does the Riixo ice ball work
Graph showing how the Riixo thermacase works


By storing the Recovery Cuffs in a Thermacase, after removing them from the freezer, you can extend its period of use by up to 5 hours

Evidence on the effectiveness of the thermacase in keeping the cuffs hot.

The data presented below illustrates how long the calf cuff will remain hot after being heated in the microwave. For this, three cuffs were heated at 15-second intervals and then stored in our Thermacase.

Every measure was taken to keep the environment constant and limit the variables. Repeat tests will be carried out to ensure a more accurate and reliable data set.


Ambient room temperature

RIIXO Recovery - What makes the Riixo Recovery cuffs work

Each cuff was heated in the microwave separately by placing them in microwave proof bowls. This prevented the cuffs from being wedged inside and ensured evenly distributed heating.

The digital timer was set to 15-minute intervals. Readings on both cuffs was taken from the marked spot and recorded on the graph.

15 seconds at 900W. 1 minute (4 x 15 second intervals) at 900W. 1 minute 30 seconds (6 x 15 second intervals) at 900W.


Storing our Recovery Calf Cuff in the Thermacase after taking it out of the freezer can extend its use by over 5 hours.

This allows you to take the cuff anywhere and use it to heal sore muscles, accelerate sports recovery, manage calf pain after running, aid torn muscle repair, or treat other calf injuries.

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